Thursday, January 21, 2010


There are quite a few people who do this whole "Lego Animation" thing, and of those people, my favourite would have to be James Morr aka KG aka SpastikChuwawa.
So when he contacted me and asked if I could voice in one of his random concoctions, I said YES PLEASE.

Blind Date

So the other afternoon I received a Lego half man, half shark-thing in the mail. As soon as I saw it I literally had to kneel down because of how hard I started laughing. It just looked so ridiculously random.
Up until that moment, my day had been terrible. My old friend "Hey Fever" had shown up to pay me a visit, reminding me that I am in fact a mere mortal. The laughter from the shark inspired me to make an animation that night, damn it, even if my eyes and nose were watering and my head felt like it was in a vice. The power of laughter compelled me.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

List Of Things I Hate.

1. Hatred
2. People who make lists
3. Paradox's